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Trump Career Solution is a leading education consultancy service providing exemplary service to students all over India. With its rich experience and time-tested methodologies coupled with cost-effectiveness have achieved phenomenal success in placing the right student in the right institution home. The dreams of your career are shaped in our hands with utmost efficiency and professionally groomed staff who guide you at every stage. Having the best consulting team who works round the clock either through email communication, telephonic consultation, or on a one-to-one basis to make the candidates reach their desired destination hassle-free. Get Direct Admission in Top College by Management Quota Seat.

For students, who are not able to take admitted to India or abroad because of a High package or because of other reasons, this is the best Consultancy service to take the admission to your dream course and college and shape your destiny without wasting your precious time. If you are serious about your dream then rely on us for making your dream into reality.

TCS is an Indian based educational consultancy service with its base in Bangalore which is excellently placed to chart a path of unprecedented success. With several years of exposure and experiences in this respective field, TCS is well equipped with the right acumen have established a close networking relationship with leading corporate houses and hr professionals throughout India. TCS is continuously striving for excellence in College Admissions, Overseas Education, Immigration and Resettlement Services, International Placement Solutions, work permit services and other Educational support services.

Overall, Trump Career Solution is a more personal, more nurturing approach for candidates who are puzzled by various options to choose from. We provide you a dynamic foresight to your career options to make a smooth and hassle free journey to your desired destination.Get Direct Admission in Top College by Management Quota Seat We take pride in celebrating the success we envision with YOU as our candidates.

TRUMP®️Career Solution (An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company) Contact us @ 9620655564 (Anvit) || 9739455564 (Abhishek) || 9886155564 (NEHA) || 9632226036 (SHEKHAR) Visit:  

Company Profile

Trump Career Solution has always pioneered in the service of Education, helping students to build a life through the career in which their passion resides . Trump is to win over the impediments which come in the way of any student’s career advancement. We ardently believe that People are shaped to be better citizens and can be transformed into better human beings only by the tool of Education. TCS believes in giving a better edge to a hassle-free better quality of life, we stand for the life of the students who aspire to reach the sky, and in TCS only the sky is the limit, and nothing less or above that. TCS’s vision is to see its student /candidates successfully placed in the right place at the right time without any hassles or hindrance which limits their potential or capabilities,


Direct Admission in Top College by Management Quota Seat

TCS’s theme is PEOPLE. Even our Indian Constitution begins with the phrase “We the people” On similar lines TCS believes that People are the core and the magnificent part of any service. TCS‘s MISSION is to shape and mold PEOPLE’S lives and to trump over the constraints which bind them from reaching their goals in the formative years of their careers. We not only help you to dream of great careers but a stand for the realization of your dreams. Get Direct Admission in Top College by Management Quota Seat.


TCS stands for winning the game of life. Our objective is to make every student in our ambiance respectfully and well-placed so that they carve a beautiful career and a future for themselves. We stand for the celebration of the success of our students as their success is our success.


TCS with its hardcore principle gives the best and nothing apart from that. To achieve this we have set a mission to enable candidates or the student a wide range of options and provide unstinted support and impeccable guidance in their chosen area of career.

Letter From MD

The importance of education hardly needs any emphasis today. Business and the professional world are getting more competitive day by day which needs every student to be better equipped with the right guidance and right people with whom you can rely on. Hence it is imperative to have our children grow in the direct direction as only competent individuals with high aspirations can contribute to our  society. We at Trump Consultant nurture the career dream of a student with utmost care and commitment that they not only be great in their career but also a great human being with great values and high spirits.

TCS provides well-designed, ably monitored which will complement the academic accomplishments of our students. We stand for our student’s success as their student is what we dream of and celebrate it. Our top-level networks and systematic plan and our competent faculty are sure to help us to scale new heights in the sphere of Education and career.

Dr. Amit Shekhar
Managing Director
TRUMP Career Solution

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Dr. A. Shekhar
Managing Director

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Contact us @ TRUMP Career Solution (An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company) Contact us @ 9620655564 (Anvit) || 9739455564 (Abhishek) || 9886155564 (Neha) ||9632226036 (Shekhar) || 9739455564 (Abhishek) || Visit:  &   &