Call 9620655564 for Direct PGDM Admission Welingkar

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Call 9620655564 for Direct PGDM Admission Welingkar

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About Welingkar Bangalore

Call 9620655564 for Direct PGDM Admission Welingkar

Welingkar Bangalore’s MBA program aims to develop well-rounded professionals with a strong foundation in management, industry-relevant skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset. The institute’s industry-oriented curriculum, experiential learning approach, global exposure initiatives, and emphasis on holistic development contribute to the overall learning experience and career prospects of students.

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Rankings of Welingkar Bangalore for MBA

Outlook-ICARE India MBA Rankings:

Welingkar Bangalore has been included in the Outlook-ICARE India MBA rankings, which assess B-Schools based on factors like academic excellence, faculty quality, industry interface, research output, and placements. Now Call 9620655564 for Direct PGDM Admission Welingkar

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The Week:

  • Welingkar Bangalore has been featured in The Week’s B-School rankings, which evaluate institutes based on faculty competence, research output, industry interaction, and student satisfaction.


  • Welingkar Bangalore has received high rankings in the annual surveys conducted by Careers360, an education-focused publication.
  • The rankings consider parameters such as faculty quality, industry interface, infrastructure, student diversity, and placement records.

Faculty and Mentors at Welingkar Bangalore:

  • Welingkar Bangalore boasts a highly qualified faculty team with rich academic and industry experience. Now
  • Faculty members adopt innovative teaching methods, encourage interactive learning, and provide mentorship to students.
  • Industry practitioners are often invited as guest faculty and mentors to provide valuable insights and industry perspectives.

Global Exposure of Welingkar Bangalore:

  • Welingkar Bangalore promotes global exposure through collaborations with international institutions, student exchange programs, and global study tours.
  • The institute offers opportunities for students to gain insights into global business practices, cultures, and perspectives.
  • International faculty visits, conferences, and seminars further enhance the global learning experience. Now

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure at Welingkar Bangalore:

  • Welingkar Bangalore provides a modern and well-equipped campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.
  • The campus includes spacious classrooms, seminar halls, computer labs, libraries, student lounges, sports facilities, and a dedicated learning resource center.
  • The infrastructure creates a conducive environment for learning, collaboration, and overall student development.

Placements for MBA in Welingkar Bangalore

Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Bangalore (WeSchool Bangalore), has a robust placement program that aims to facilitate excellent career opportunities for its MBA students. Here are some key points about placements for MBA at Welingkar Bangalore:

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Placement Process:

  • Welingkar Bangalore has a dedicated placement cell that works closely with students and recruiters to facilitate the placement process.
  • The placement cell conducts various activities, including industry interactions, pre-placement talks, skill development workshops, and mock interviews, to prepare students for the placement process.

Industry Connections:

  • Welingkar Bangalore has strong industry connections and maintains relationships with a wide network of companies across various sectors.
  • The institute’s strong industry collaborations and partnerships facilitate regular recruitment drives and interactions with prominent recruiters.

Placement Statistics:

  • Welingkar Bangalore has a consistent track record of high placement percentages for its MBA program.
  • The institute shares placement statistics on its official website and during the placement season, providing transparency and visibility into the outcomes.

Diverse Placement Profiles:

  • Welingkar Bangalore offers specializations in various areas, allowing students to pursue their interests and align their career paths accordingly.
  • The placement opportunities cover diverse domains such as Consulting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Business Analytics, Retail Management, and more.
  • Companies from multiple sectors, including FMCG, IT, BFSI, Manufacturing, Consulting, and E-commerce, visit the campus for recruitment.

Placements and Corporate Relations:

  • Welingkar Bangalore has a dedicated placement cell that facilitates internships and final placements.
  • The institute maintains strong ties with leading corporate organizations, enabling students to secure placements with renowned companies.

Industry interactions, guest lectures, seminars, and workshops are regularly organized to foster strong corporate relations and provide networking opportunities.

Library of Welingkar Bangalore

Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Bangalore (WeSchool Bangalore), has a well-equipped library that caters to the academic and research needs of its students and faculty members. Here are some key features of the library at Welingkar Bangalore:


The library houses a vast collection of books, reference materials, textbooks, journals, magazines, research papers, reports, and other relevant resources.

The collection covers various subjects related to management, business, economics, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, entrepreneurship, and more.

The library also offers resources on general knowledge, current affairs, and industry trends.

Online Databases and E-resources:

Welingkar Bangalore’s library provides access to a wide range of online databases, e-books, e-journals, and other digital resources. Now Call 9620655564 for Direct PGDM Admission Welingkar

Students have access to renowned business databases, academic journals, research portals, and industry-specific resources. Now Call 9620655564 for Direct PGDM Admission Welingkar

These online resources enable students to explore the latest research, industry trends, case studies, and academic literature. Now Call 9620655564 for Direct PGDM Admission Welingkar

Digital Library:

Welingkar Bangalore has a dedicated digital library that provides seamless access to e-books, e-journals, online databases, and multimedia resources.

Students can access these resources from their personal devices, both on and off-campus.

The digital library enhances convenience and flexibility in accessing information and conducting research. Now Call 9620655564 for Direct PGDM Admission Welingkar

Reference Section:

The library has a dedicated reference section that houses reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and other resources for in-depth study and academic reference.

Students can utilize the reference section for research, project work, and enhancing their understanding of specific topics. Now Call 9620655564 for Direct PGDM Admission Welingkar

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